Hello. I'm Trevor.

Originally from Bulawayo. Currently, I am travelling across Southern Africa to learn and examine how COVID-19 has affected the tourism and hospitality industry.
I am also:
  • always looking for suggestions of places to eat
  • looking to consult, build, and collaborate on tourism projects across Africa.
  • I am always down for a board game
  • fascinated by databases, AI, and no-code
  • Intrigued by other regular shenanigans including camping, themed parties, plant propagation, and people-watching.
Photo: Close to the Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa on my way to catch the bus to Lilongwe, Malawi. March 2022. Taken by Dudu Dube.

My Projects

The tourism industry stands at a crucial crossroads in a constantly evolving world. Conventional methods are no longer adequate to cater to the needs of tech-savvy travellers in a rapidly changing landscape.
The projects I work on aim to revolutionize business models, elevate customer experiences, and reimagine operational excellence for small business owners in the tourism and hospitality sector across Africa.
Rooots & Routes
A trip to learn, examine, and document how COVID-19 has affected the African tourism and hospitality industry.
Collectors of African Art
A project experimenting how tourism can be an additional revenue stream for visual artists in Africa
Remote In Africa
A platform for remote workers who want flexibility and stable internet when travelling Africa.
The Travel Scout Program
An exchange program where content creators to explore Africa for free in exchange for the content they create.
Website Development Bootcamp
A website development program for tourism and hospitality businesses that aims to help them build a mobile-friendly website and acquire the knowledge to maintain it.
Bridging The Digital Divide
A capacity-building initiative designed to bridge the skills deficit in the tourism and hospitality sector by offering accessible avenues for upskilling opportunities via the atingi eAcademy.

How Can I Help You?

No matter who you are. A traveller who needs advice, a tour guide in search of a community, or just looking to collaborate, I am excited to hear from you.
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